Bare Bums Creations is a Canadian company based in Victoria, BC that supplies locally made custom designs to Canada.

After the birth of my first daughter I had heard of the benefits of baby naked time and I wanted a waterproof blanket for my daughter.  All the blankets I could find were either too boring, too small, or not soft enough. So I decided to design my own naked time blanket and the Bare Bums Blanket was born.  As the need arose I developed more products and now Bare Bums Creations  has two products available for sale: the Bare Bums Blanket and the Bare Bums Change Pad. All  products have a unique three layer design which is comfy, absorbent, and waterproof.

The goal at Bare Bums Creations is to make baby naked time easy and fun (and a whole lot cleaner!)